This is The Worst Source for Falconry but, I will try my best

(Intro to Falconry 1 of 4)

You know how some people talk a lot on a given subject, seem very knowledgeable and you can tell the information comes from experience? That’s not this blog.

The best falconry knowledge is passed down from sponsor to apprentice. Falconry can be learned from a book, YouTube and from other falconers. However, hands on guided experience has always been best. Every falconer has their own way of doing falconry just different enough to declare what the other one is doing wrong. I am that other falconer.

So don’t take what I say as law, hell, don’t take it as a good idea without running it past a falconer you trust (your sponsor).

This blog is likely going to piss off other falconers in a number of ways. I’m giving instructions in a way that differs from others and I’m releasing secrets that were told to me in confidence.

That being said, these articles are mostly a collection of knowledge I am attempting to somewhat organize. These are processes I am often asked about by non-falconers and also thoughts I wanted to get down as to not lose them to time.

Published by Jesse

Licensed falconer since 2015. Experience flying with training 4 different species. I write to answer common questions and to help inform others looking to get started into the sport of falconry.

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